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Delivery Follow-up:
This management module is completely dedicated to delivery.  Whether the products are delivered to your branches through the internal mail service of you head-office or via private courier (Fed-Ex, UPS, Purolator, Canpar, Canada Post or other), the division manager will now have real-time access to all information regarding the delivery of orders to each of their branches.

To that end, a list of all stores to receive various products associated with a particular promotion will be generated at the time of shipment of the goods.  The name, code and quantity of each product to be delivered to each branch will be clearly and precisely identified in order to facilitate consultation by the branch staff.  Branch employees need only to connect to our website to find a detailed list of all the items for which they are awaiting delivery.

However, unlike the head-office managers who have access to information regarding all branches simultaneously, the branch employees can only access information regarding their specific branch.  Moreover, a green button icon will appear beside the order if it is complete at the time of delivery while a yellow button will appear if there are any missing elements.  This feature informs the branch employee that the missing item was not simply forgotten and that it will be delivered as soon as possible, alleviating, in part, unnecessary communication between the branches and head-office.

Thus, the branch employees will play a vital role in the smooth operation of the system.  It is the employees who, at the time of reception, are in charge of inspecting the received merchandise.  After verification the employee should connect to the website, identify the products they have received, select “Received complete and in good condition” or “Received incomplete or damaged” from the scrolling menu and register their name and comments, if necessary, before clicking the “Receipt confirmed” icon.  Activating this icon will instantly update all information in the database that is used by the head-office managers.  At this time, a second icon will appear next to the branch number identifying the state of the delivery.  A red button icon signifies that the merchandise has not yet been received by the branch, a yellow button signifies that the merchandise has been received incomplete or in poor condition and a green button indicates that all merchandise has been received in good condition.      

The head-office managers will therefore be able to make a quick visual overview of the state of deliveries to all branches and, if necessary can obtain detailed information regarding missing or damaged items at one particular branch.  They will then be able to ascertain whether they need to change the type of packaging used in delivery or obtain the insurance credit for materials that may have been damaged by the transport company.

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