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PrintSYS is the main module of our on-line management system.  It comprises a number of functions and is divided into two sub-sections: PrintShare and PrintSYS.

PrintShare – On-line quote requests:
Several quote request templates are available to you within the PrintShare menu.  The printing, material and finishing options proposed in these forms vary in accordance to the chosen print procedure and are meant to help guide you through the characteristics of each possible printing procedure.  Presented in the form of scrolling menus, check boxes and editable fields, these templates will allow you to fill in all your on-line quotation requests quickly and efficiently while avoiding the accidental omission of essential information pertaining to your project.

PrintShare – Electronic transfer and filing of documents to be printed:
PrintShare is a management tool intended for the transfer and filing of electronic documents to be put into production.  All files downloaded on PrintShare are archived for free in the main PrintSYS database for a period of one year.  You can therefore consult all documents within the FTF portion of our database dedicated to your business’ files and even download these files again on your computer.  This is particularly useful in the case of loss or theft, allowing you to quickly recover all the corporate or promotional documents essential to the smooth functioning of your business.

PrintSYS – On-line orders
The on-line ordering system is particularly suited for businesses whose main printing requirements are for standard or permanent products that rarely need modification and need to be reprinted on a regular basis (i.e. corporate stationery, NCR forms, etc.).  With the creation of a virtual catalogue of printed products, businesses who wishes to make a list of specific products available to their branches for on-line orders will now be able to do so.  On-line orders placed by a company’s branches can be either pre-approved by the company or be subject to a process of verification and approval by the head-office before being put into production (the head-office can request up to three levels of verification and approval before an order is put into production).  For security purposes, access to the product catalogue is rigorously protected by the UserID and password.  The contents of the product catalogue can also be edited or modified at the discretion of the head-office staff.  The head-office can, at any time, revoke the catalogue access privileges of any of its branches and it retains full control over the list of products that its branches can order.

PrintSYS – Creating editable templates
Thanks to this little tool, you will now be able to create documents that incorporate both an invariable portion (impossible to modify) and editable text boxes.  These boxes will allow users to customize their documents without modifying the physical properties (colour and style), the font or the graphic elements that have been identified as being inalterable (i.e. size, colours, logo arrangement).  Also, in the event that the text is too long to fit in the editable text box, the software will automatically adjust (reduce) the size of the font in order to accommodate the text to the allotted space within the document.  After which, when saving, the system will automatically generate a high-resolution PDF ready for printing.  This document will then be forwarded to the appropriate division manager so that they can verify and, if necessary, modify the information in the editable field before proceeding with the order.  

PrintSYS – Generating detailed purchase reports
By registering all print job transactions made by a company, the system allows the manager access to detailed reports by period, by branch or even by product code, ensuring more effective budget planning.

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