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The generation and filing of distribution and production lists.  This module allows for the easy maintenance of an up-to-date list of all promotional materials (banners, posters, stickers, leaflets, brochures, counter cards, gift certificates, etc.) that need to be ordered throughout the year for various events.  For easy reference, product lists can be saved under the name of the specific event to which they relate (for example “Boxing Day” or “Father’s Day” promotions, etc.) in order to be reused later on.

These lists contain detailed descriptions of all the products to be ordered for each branch of the company and for each particular promotion.  The module also allows you to edit the list of branches associated with a specific promotion and edit the list of promotional items needed by each of them.  The list can then be saved under the same name (in order to create a permanent update system for newly entered information) or under a new name (in order to develop a new promotion).

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